Friday, November 2, 2007

Karaishutir Kochuri (Fried Indian Bread with Stuffed Green Peas)

Today I am making this dish, so felt like writing it down at the moment. Karaishuti means Green Peas in Bengali and Kochuri is a kind of fried Indian bread. Almost all Bengalis make this dish at least once in winter time when green peas are abundant. Karaishutir Kochuri and Aloor Dom is something a Bengali can die for. Some other time I will surely give the recipe for Aloor Dom, but now get everything ready in your kitchen for Karashutir Kochuri. The recipe follows....

Making the Pur (Stuffing)

You will need, Karaishuti(Green Peas, puried), Aada(Ginger, grated), Kancha Lanka(Green Pepper, ground along with green peas when making the puree), Gota Jeere(Cumin Seeds), Sukhno Lanka(Dried Red Pepper), Chini(Sugar, one or two fistful), Tel(Oil) and Noon(Salt).
  1. Heat oil in a wok, add cumin seeds and dried red pepper, let it splutter.
  2. Add the green peas puree, grated ginger and salt.
  3. Fry on low flame stirring continuously till cooked. When cooked, it looks dry and peas get separated(not lumpy). Takes about 20 minutes to cook.
  4. At the end, add sugar, stir some more. On adding sugar, it will become dark green in color. Turn off the flame. The Pur is ready! Let it cool down.
Making the Kochuri

You will need Maida(All Purpose Flour), Moin(Teaspoonful of Oil), Noon(A pinch of Salt) and Tel(Oil for deep frying).
  1. Mix together, flour, teaspoon of oil and salt with water to knead into a soft dough.
  2. Make small(Ping Pong ball sized) dough balls, shape it into a cup. Put the Pur(Stuffing) inside, cover and roll into a ball again.
  3. Roll out these stuffed balls with a Rolling Pin, into round flat disc and deep fry them in hot oil. They should puff up, turn, fry the other side and done!
Note:- If the Kochuris don't puff up when frying, then either the oil is not hot enough or there is a hole in the rolled out dough.

***** Instead of Kochuri you can make stuffed Porota(Paratha, Pan/Griddle fried Indian bread)****

Pics: Stuffed Paratha and the Pur(stuffing)


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